Patient Survey Jan 2016

The recent national survey suggested that many of you are unhappy with waiting more than a few minutes past your appointment time. We would like to find out more about this, so if in the last 6 months you have had to wait past your appointment time, how long is the longest you have had to wait?


At which point do you consider your wait to become unacceptable?


We do try to inform you of any known delays, but what would you find the most useful to give you information about wait times?


Do you have any further suggestions or comments about this?

The Out of Hours service used by Cornwall practices was another area highlighted by the national patient survey that needed attention. Have you used the Out of Hours service in the last 6 months?


If yes - did you have any difficulty with contacting them?


If Yes - were you happy with the service they provided you?


Would you like to expand upon the answer you gave to the previous questions or give us any additional information about your experiences with the Out of Hours service?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Survey results will be discussed with the Patient Participation Group and a full report with resulting actions taken will be published on our website.