Patient Survey

How would you rate your overall experience of the services you have received from the Practice?


How did you book your last appointment?


When you book a routine appointment how soon is an appointment generally available?


Thinking about your answer to the previous question-How do you feel about the time from booking it takes see a GP for a routine matter?


How important is it for you to see the Dr of your choice for a routine matter?


Did you know that we offer appointments at 7AM and 7PM? Would you make use of these appointments?


Did you arrive on time for your last appointment?


Thinking of your answer to the previous question-if you arrived on time were you kept waiting and how did you feel about this?


Did you know that you can pre-book telephone appointments with a Dr of your choice? How do you feel about this?


Have you used the same day Duty Dr service for non routine matters?


Did you know that the practice provides 24 care for you- when we are closed if you telephone the surgery you are atomically connected to the Westminster Out Of Hours GP cover service?


If you were unwell with a non accident and emergency condition and the surgery is closed would you........