A Questionnaire for Young People

What is your age?


Are you at;



Who do you normally come to the surgery with?


Do you feel you can seek advice easily?


If no, Why?

Is it easy to book an appointment?


If no, Why?


Is there a time of day easier for you to see a Doctor or Nurse and what time?

Would you use an App to help you with your appointment before coming?

eg DocReady


Would a chat with a Doctor or Nurse be easier by


Did you know you can attend with a friend?


Do you feel awkward coming to see the Doctor or Nurse with any problem?


If yes, Why?


Do any of these reasons stop you from coming?

Do you know where to go for the following (select the box if the answer is YES)


If you need sexual health advice who would you ask?


Are you aware we offer free Condoms, Chlamydia tests and Contraception?


Would you use our website to get information if we had a young person's section?


If you wish to be entered in the prize draw to win a £10 voucher

Please enter your Name/Mobile number below?