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1. When did you last see a doctor at Northgate Medical Practice?


2. Does your Doctor welcome you with courtesy and respect?


3. Does your Doctor give you enough time to explain fully your concerns and symptons?


4. Does your Doctor listen to you?


5. Does your Doctor explain the nature of any tests or treatments that he/she may consider appropriate?


6. Does your Doctor also involve you in discussions regarding any such decisions?


7. Does your Doctor treat you politely and with care throughout your consultation?


8. Do you feel you were given time enough for your concerns to be fully aired?


9. Do you feel the GP took the appropriate action to deal with the reason for your treatment?


10. Did the GP explain the reasons for the action in a way that you found easy or difficult to understand?


11. Did you come away with enough information to manage your condition/treatment?


12. Have you ever felt that the Doctor dismissed your concerns?


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This survey is now closed