Young Patient Survey

Following your recent appointment at the GP practice we are looking to carry out a survey involving young people aged between 11-19 for their feedback on your experience and services we offer young people in the practice. Thank you for your participation which will assist us to improve on the services we currently provide.

Was this venue convenient for you today?


Was this time convenient for you today?


Did you get the choice to be seen on your own?


Did you get the choice to take a friend?


Do you think the service is easily accessible for young people with a disability (physical or learning)


Were you asked if you needed any extra help or support to access or use the service?


If you needed some extra help or support, were they able to provide it?


Was confidentiality and the limits of confidentiality explained to you?


Did you see a poster about confidentiality on display?


Did you think the service was safe and suitable for young people?


Did you find the staff welcoming and friendly?


Were you able to talk to the receptionist without being overheard?


Do you know how to make a comment, complaint or suggestion about this service?


Were you asked to give your opinions and views on this service?


Is feedback given to young people on their suggestions and changes made?


If you asked about pregnancy options or an abortion, did the staff member try to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and not embarrassed?


Would you be happy to use the service again?


Please try us why

Any other comments