Hough Green Health Park Patient Survey 2014/2015

Question 1

Can you get a routine appointment when you need one?


Question 2

If you cannot get an appointment when you want one do the reception staff offer you any of the following:


Question 3

Following your most recent consultation with the Doctor/Practice Nurse, how satisfied did you feel with the outcome of that consultation?


Question 4

Overall, how would you describe your experience of your GP Surgery


Question 5

Are you aware you can book appointments and order prescriptions via On Line Patient Access?


Question 6

Thinking about the reception staff do you feel they?


Greet you with a friendly and polite attitude ;

Offer you privacy if you wish to speak in private ;

Apologise if they have kept you waiting ;

Provide you with a satisfactory response to your request(s) ;

Question 7

Are you aware Hough Green Health Park have a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?


Question 8

Are you aware we are a Wellbeing Practice?


Question 9

How likely are you to recommend Hough Green Practice to your family and friends?


Question 10

Are you male or female?


Question 11

What is your age range?


Question 12

What is your ethnic group?


Finally: Please add any comments you wish to make about the practice or you wish to expand on any of your answers to the above questions: