Patient Survey January 2015

Our website shows all the latest information about the surgery such as opening and closing times and dates we are closed. You can also book appointments with a doctor online, order repeat medication, cancel appointments, update your contact details and much more. Were you aware of the practice website?


Have you used the practice website in the last 12 months?


If you have used the website could you let us know why?


In order to book an appointment online or order repeat medication you will require login details - please just ask at reception and they will arrange this for you there and then!

Flexible Nurse Appointments

Do you have a long term condition - Asthma, diabetes, heart failure, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder? If yes please answer the questions below if no please choose not applicable and move to the next section.

In 2013 our nursing team underwent training to ensure each member of the team was able to treat/manage any long term condition.

In the last 12 months you may have been seen by a different nurse, how do you feel about this?


Do you have any comments to add

The Text Messaging Service

In June 2014 we began operating a text messaging service to remind patients about booked appointments or to notify patients when they need to get in touch with the surgery such as to discuss test results.Is there anything else you would like us to use the text messaging service for?

Missed Appointments

As we never have enough appointments to meet demand one of the reasons we began operating the text messaging service was to remind patients about booked appointments and lower the number of appointments where patients fail to arrive.

Would you be suprised to know 1316 appointments were booked and not attended in 2014 here at the surgery?463 of which were with a doctor which is the equivalent of 5 full time weeks of a doctors time.853 of which were with a nurse which is the equivalent of 7 full time weeks of a nurses time.

At what point do you think it would be appropriate to send a letter or contact a patient to highlight the number of appointments which they have booked and failed to attend?


Any comments regarding missed appointments to add?

How would you rate your experience with the staff on reception?


Any comments regarding reception to add?

How would you rate your experience in seeing one of our doctors or nurses?


Patient Group

Did you know we have a patient group here at the surgery which meets once every 3 months to help the practice identify what it can do better and what is important to patients. We are always looking for new members even if you are unable to attend every meeting or are only able to provide feedback via email or telephone. For more information please contact Kirsty Morley via reception at the surgery or alternatively leave your contact details with reception and Kirsty will contact you.

Do you have anything else about the surgery which you would like to tell us?