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Dear Patient,

Many thanks for agreeing to take this short survey to help our practice understand how we can improve our services. This questionnaire is reviewing improvements made after our 2013-2014 questionnaire based on patient feedback.

Please answer all of the questions and click 'Send Survey' when you are done.


Q1. Your level of satisfaction with the practice's opening hours?


Q2. Opportunity of speaking to a doctor on the telephone when necessary?


Q3. Availability of early and late appointments?


Q4. Length of time waiting in the practice to see the GP or Nurse?


Q5. How well are you informed if a GP or Nurse is running late with their appointments?


Q6. Your level of satisfaction with your GP or Nurses starting your consultation on time?


Q7. Have you ever requested a late evening appointment after 6pm?



Q8. Information within the practice on staff members and your clinicians?


Q9. Patient notice boards and information available?


Q10. The opportunity for making compliments or complaints to this practice about it service and quality of care?


Q11. How would you rate our website since it has been re-launched?



Q12. The manner in which you are treated by the reception staff?


Q13. There is a regular team of GP's that are available at Budbrooke that provide a consistent service to you?



Q14. The information provided by this practice about how to prevent illness and stay healthy (eg alcohol use, health risks of smoking, diet habits etc) Was..?


Q15. The availability and administration of reminder systems for ongoing health checks and chronic disease management is...


Q16. Would you like more text messages to inform you of services, questionnaires, results?


Q17. Would you like to be able to see your medical records on line?


Q18. My overall satisfaction with this general practice is..?


To help us analyse your answers please tell us a few things about yourself:

Are you male or female?


What age are you?


What is the ethnic background with which you most identify?


How would you describe how often you come to the practice?


Many thanks for your time in answering the questions on this survey.

This survey is now closed