* Priorities Survey *

How do you order your repeat prescription?


When your prescription is ready. Do you ?


Are you satisfied with the prescription service offered at the Practice?


If you answered no, please let us know if the problems have been with the Surgery or with the Chemist.

Over the last 12 months how many times have you visited or telephoned the Practice?


How do you rate the way you are treated by the Receptionists, either face-to-face or on the telephone?


Have you encountered any problems getting through to the Practice by telephone?


If you answered yes, please leave your comments below

Would you be happy to give the Receptionist more information about your condition if it could mean that you would be seen sooner?


Have you been able to resolve a query with your Doctor over the telephone?


Did you use this method instead of having an appointment?


Were you satisfied with this method of contact?


How do you rate the ease of access to your Doctor by telephone?


Results chart

Are you aware the Practice has a Patient Participation Group?


Would you be interesed in joining?


Would you be interested in becoming involved in fundraising for the Practice?


What services would you like to see at your Practice that could possible be provided by the PPG? These suggestions will be discussed when they are considering their budget spend.

Are there any other services that you would like to see provided by the Practice that would benefit you as a patient?


Are you?


What age are you?


How often do you attend the Practice?


Thank you for completing the survey.

These results will be taken to the next Patient Participation Group in October for discussion and action planning.

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