Improving the Practice Questionnaire 2014/2015

Access to a Doctor or Nurse

Speed at which the telephone was answered initially


Length of time you had to wait for an appointment


Convenience of day and time of your appointment


Seeing the Doctor of your choice


Length of time waiting to see the Doctor or Nurse


Opportunity of speaking to a Doctor or Nurse on the telephone when necessary


Opportunity of obtaining a home visit when necessary


Level of satisfaction with the after hours service


Obtaining a repeat prescription

Prescription ready on time


Prescription correctly issued


Handling of any queries


Obtaining test results

Were you told to contact us for your results


Results available when you contacted us


Level of satisfaction with the manner in which the result was given


About the staff

The helpfulness provided by the reception staff


The helpfulness of all other staff members


Supporting Carers

Are you aware the Practice has a Notice Board for Carers


Are you aware there is information on our website for Carers


Do you know who the Carer Champion is for the Practice


Do you know how to register as a Carer with the practice


Are you a Carer


And finally

My overall satisfaction with this Practice


If Male How old are you


If Female How old are you


Years registered with this Practice


Any other comments