Patient Participation Group Survey 2013-14

The use of e-mail as a means of corresponding with patients was discussed; would you be amenable to receiving your correspondence via e-mail?


We also discussed the issue of traffic and parking around the medical centre; how did you arrrive at surgery today?


If you arrived by car, how easy was it to find a car parking space in the medical centre car park?


If you found it difficult where did you end up parking?


If you arrived by taxi or were dropped off, how easy was it to find a space safe enough to drop off?


Carers were also an issue discussed; are you a carer for somebody?


If you answered "yes" would you like to register with Salford Carers Centre who can help you with issues such as benefits, advice and support?


Last, but certainly not least, the issue of appointments was discussed, mainly regarding our online and automated phone system; do you use or have you ever used our automated telephone booking system?


Do you use or have you ever used our online booking system?


If you answered "no" to the above question would you like to be registered for online appointment booking?