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Goldsworth Medical Practice - Patient Survey 2014

Which of our surgeries do you normally visit?


When did you last see the doctor?


How did you book your appointment?


Which method would you prefer?


In the past six months how easy have you found the following:]

Getting through on the phone?


Speaking to a Doctor?


Speaking to a Nurse?


Obtaining test results?


In the past 6 months have you tried to see a doctor fairly quickly?


Were you able to see a Doctor on the same day or within two working days?


If not, why?


Are you aware that you can book a telephone appointment with a doctor?


In the past 6 months have you tried to book ahead for an appointment?


Last time you tried were you able to get an appointment with a doctor more than two weeks in advance?


How easy did you find getting into the surgery?


How clean is the GP surgery?


How helpful do you find the receptionists?


How long after your appointment time do you normally wait to be seen?


How do you feel about how long you normally have to wait?


Is there a particular Doctor you prefer to see?


How often do you get to see your preferred Doctor?


How satisfied are you with opening hours of the surgery?


Would you like the surgery to open at additional times?


In general how satisfied are you with the care you get at the surgery?


We provide services such as blood testing/24 hour blood pressure monitoring/minor surgery and INR testing. How would you feel about attending another site to have this done. For example, another GP practice or the community hospital.


Would you recommend the surgery to your friends and family?


Are you male or female


How old are you?


This survey is now closed