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Parkside Patient Survey 2014

How satisfied are you with our surgery opening hours? (Parkside is open 7am-7.30pm on Monday and 8am-6.30pm Tuesday to Friday)


How do you normally book appointments?


The last time you rang the surgery, how many attempts did it take to get through to a receptionist?


Have you used the triage service to book a same day consultation with a clinician?


If you have used the service how satisfied were you with it?


The last time you booked a non-urgent appointment at the surgery, how satisfied were you with the appointment?


How helpful and courteous do you find the reception staff at the surgery?


If you have regular repeat medication(s), how do you normally order these prescriptions?


How convenient do you find the system for ordering repeat prescriptions?


The last time you saw a doctor or nurse, how good were they at treating you with care and concern?


The last time you saw a doctor or nurse, how confident were you in the quality of care they gave you?


Our practice website ( has detailed information about our services. Have you looked at the website? (Apologies if this sounds like a silly question but we also have paper forms of the survey and the questions must be the same on both)


We are interested in finding the best ways of providing health advice and information about our services. Which of the following would you find useful? (tick all that apply)


Overall how would you describe your experience at the practice?


Would you recommend the practice to someone who has just moved to Burnley?


Are you


How old are you?


What us your ethnic group?


Do you have a long-standing health condition?


Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. If you have any additional comments please record them in the space below. if you would like more information about registering for PATIENT ACCESS online services please ask at reception. If you are interested in joining our pateint forum, you can register in person at reception or via the practice website.

This survey is now closed