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Dear Patient

Thank you to those patients who responded to the Patient Survey Priorities for 2013/14.

The overwhelming reponse was for the practice to look at Availabilty of Appointments.

The practice would like to thank patients for agreeing to take part in our survey to help us understand your views on our appointment availabilty.

Please answer all of the questions and click send when you are done.

About Appointments

To meet the needs of our patients the Practice makes acute & routine appointments available every day.

Acute appointments are typically made available for the presentation of a new condition or the deterioration of an existing condition. Acute appointments are offered with the next available doctor.

In addition the practice will always assess your unwell child on the day. To access this service please call the practice as early as possible. If you call before 11am you will be offered an appointment, if you call after 11am our receptionist will take relevant information and one of our GPs will call you back as soon as possible that day.

Routine appointments are available for booking with your usual Doctor up to 3 weeks in advance. However annual leave will impact on specific GP appointment availability from time to time.

Acute Appointments

Q1 When you have had an acute condition how soon was your condition assessed?


Q2 Did you know that the practice offers daily appointments for the assessment of unwell children?


Q3 Are you happy with the process by which the practice will assess unwell children?


Q4 Did you know that your unwell child will be assessed quicker in General Practice than at A&E?


Q5 Has your unwell child been offered an appointment and seen at the practice on the same day? If Yes, how did you rate the service?


Q6 How do you rate our practice in relation to acute care?


Routine Appointments

Q7 How important is it for you to be able to book appointments in advance at our practice?


Q8 How important is it for you to book a routine appointment with your usual doctor?


Q9 When you try to book a routine appointment with your usual doctor how far in advance would you normally need to book?


Q10 How do you rate this?


On-Line Appointment Booking

Since the last survey the practice has undertaken some preparatory work to enable us to offer on-line booking of some routine appointments. We are pleased to announce that this new on-line service will be available soon. To register please log on to our website

Q11 Do you think this is a good idea?


Q12 Would you use this service?


Ordering prescriptions

Q13 Are you aware that the practice encourages patients to order their repeat prescriptions online via our website?


Q14 If you have regular medication have you used the Internet Repeat Medication Ordering Service?


Q15 If you have used the Internet Repeat Medication Ordering Service what is your experience of this service?


To futher advance the practice's handling of prescriptions we will soon be able to transfer your prescription request to your chosen pharmacy electronically.

Q16 If avaialable would you use this service?


Repeat Non - Attendance Policy

Unfortunately the practice still has a high number of appointments that are missed every year.

Our Repeat Non Attendance Policy enables the practice to consider removing a patient who has failed 3 appointments within a 6 month period. Our GP's always review the case to consider any mitigating circumstances prior to removing any patients from the practice list.

Q17 Should the practice continue to have a policy to deal with patients who regularly fail to attend appointments?


Text Reminder Service

Q18 Do you think a Text reminder service is a good idea? Would you like to see this introduced?


Extended Opening Hours Survey

The practice is contracted to provide a limited number of appointments outside its normal opening hours each week. We would like to ensure that these appointments continue to be offerred at times to suit the needs of our patients given the resources available to us.

These appointments are intended for patients who find it difficult to attend the practice during normal opening hours. Please ask our receptionist for further information.

Q19 Did you know that the Practice regularly offers Early Morning Appointments from 7.30am?


Q20 Which mornings would you prefer appointments to be made available? (please tick all that apply)


Q21 Are you happy with our Current Opening Arrangements?


Finally, please add any other comments you would like to make about your GP practice.

This survey is now closed