Patient Surgery 2014

As a practice we have a low rate of Accident & Emergency attendances compared to other local practices. Part of the reason for this is our ability to see minor injuries. Are you aware you can be seen at the practice on the same day, within normal working hours for minor injuries?


In the last six months we have changed our appointment system to cater for urgent appointments. Has this affected your ability to get the appointment of your choice?


We have recently expanded our services to include an ultrasound service in the surgery. Are you happy with the range of services available at the surgery?


Please let us know your suggestions for new ideas/services?

At times doctors & nurses run behind due to patients been late for their appointments. If a patient is more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, should they be asked to rebook?


To improve communication some patients have suggested it would be helpful if the receptionist's first name was visible? Would you agree?


Do you have an interest in contributing to local community support groups for

a) People with Dementia


b) People with Long Term Conditions


We are always looking at ways to update and improve our website, do you have any suggestions or information you would like included?

Following last year's patient questionnaire we have introduced payment for prescriptions by debit card - have you found this useful?


Any other comments

Please indicate your age range?


Are you?