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1. How long have you been a patient at this practice?


2. To which age group do you belong?


3. Aproximatley how many times have you been to see the doctor in the last 6 months?


4a. Are you aware that you can book routine appointments up to 48 hrs in advance?


4b. Are you aware of our Daily Triage System?


5. Are you aware that in cases of medical urgency you will be seen on the day, but will be asked for brief details of your illness to determine urgency?


6. If you have telephoned the surgery in the last 6 months, was the call answered promptly?


7. Did you complete the previous practice questionnaire?


8. The issues raised in the previous questionnaire were as follows, have you seen any improvements in these areas?

a) Speaking to the nurse on the phone.

b) Access to a GP at a time conveniant to you.

c) Alternative ways of booking an appointment.

d) Length of time in the waiting room before seeing a GP.


9. When you last visited the surgery, were you satisfied with the overall cleanliness of

a) The waiting room?

b) The consulting room?

c) The patient toilets?


10. When you last visited the surgery, did you feel that you had confidence and trust ina) GPs?b) Nurses?c) Admin staff?


11. When you last visited the surgery, were you treated with dignity and respect by

a) GPs?

b) Nurses?

c) Admin staff?


12. Do you have access to the internet?


13) Are you aware of our practice website?


14)Do you know the services we offer via the website?


15) Are you aware of the different methods of ordering a repeat prescription.

[OR Yes;; No

15) In Bolton, over 50% of patients attending A&E could have been treated eldewhere. Are you aware of the sevices offered by

a) GPs?

b) Pharmacists?

c) Dentists?


16. In the last 6 months, have you attended A&E for an illness or condition and been informed by A&E or your GP, that you could have been treated elsewhere?


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This survey is now closed