We would be grateful if you would complete this 2014 survey about your general practice. Your doctors want to provide the highest standard of care. Feedback from this survey will help them to identify areas that may need improvement. Your opinions are very valuable.

Please answer ALL the questions that apply to you. There are no right or wrong answers and your doctor will NOT be able to identify your individual answers.

Thank you.

About You

Q1 Are you?


Q2 How old are you?

Q3 What is your ethnic group?













Q4 Which of the following best describes you?


Q5 Do you have a long-standing health condition?


Your Journey

Q6 How do you travel to the surgery?


If other please specify

Q7 Does this present any problems?


If yes please comment

Your Practice

Q8 How easy do you find getting into the building at the surgery?


Q9 How do you think getting in to the building can be made easier?

Q10 How clean is the practice waiting room?



Q11 How helpful do you find the receptionists at your GP practice?



Q12 In the last 12 months how many times have you seen a GP/Nurse at your practice?


Q13 How do you normally book your appointments at your practice? Please tick all boxes that apply.


Q14(a) Considering the volume of calls, how easy is it to get through to someone at your GP practice on the phone?


Q14(b) Please comment

Q15 How easy is it to speak to a doctor or nurse on the phone at your GP practice?


Q16 How many days do you usually have to wait to get an appoinment with a GP/Nurse of your choice?


Q17 How often do you get to see your GP/Nurse you have requested?


Q18 If you need to see a GP/Nurse urgently, can you normally get seen on the same day?


Q19 Have you ever missed an appointment because?


Q20(a) Is your GP practice currently open at times that are convenient to you?


Q20(b) Please comment

Dispensary question

Q21 How do you order your repeat prescription?


Do you have any comments about our dispensary service

Your Consultation

Referring to your most recent face to face/telephone consultation with the Doctor or Nurse, how highly would you score the Doctor or Nurse at each of the following?

Q22(a) Giving you enough time


Q22(b) Make you feel at ease


Q22(c) Listening to you


Q22(d) Explaining tests and treatments


Q22(e) Involving you in decisions about your care


Q22(f) Treating you with care and concern


Q22(g) How much confidence and trust did you have in the GP/Nurse you saw or spoke to?


Q22(h) Would you be completely happy to see this GP/Nurse again?


Please add any other comments you want to make about this Doctor/Nurse.

Patient Experience

Q23 Overall, How would you describe your experience at your GP Surgery?


Q24 Would you recommend your GP surgery to someone who has just moved to your local area?


Please add any other comments you would like to make about your GP practice:

Finally, We are interested in any other comments you may have about your experience:

Thank you for taking time to complete this questionnaire