Patient Survery 2014: Getting Ready to Merge with Bedside Manor Practice

The Practice is soon planning to merge with another GP surgery and we would greatly value your input whilst we plan services. We held a patients' meeting in July 2013 and have compiled this questionnaire based on the discussions held.

Are you:


How old are you?


How would you describe your ethnic background?



Seeing a Doctor of your choice

How often can you see a GP of your choice?


The Barnard Medical Group will operate from 3 different sites:

Barnard as the main site; Bedside Manor- 1.3 miles away; Thwaites Nurse Practitioner Service 1.1 miles away - all with parking

If you were offered an appointment with a GP of your choice, which of the 3 Sidcup sites would you be prepared to attend? (choose as many answers as you wish)


Please indicate which ONE of the following holds most importance for you:


Results chart

The Barnard Practice will be the main site and the others will be satellite clinics. Please let us know any suggestions, thoughts or concerns regarding the Practice operating from 3 sites

Contacting the Surgery

Concerns were raised by Barnard patients at the merger meeting July 2013 regarding access. Following the merger, we want to make telephone access at all sites as easy as possible. One solution might be to increase the number of appointments patients can book themselves online via the Practice Website, which is currently underused.

Do you look at the Practice Website?


Have you ever booked an appointment online via the Practice Website?


If you answered YES to the previous question, please state whether it worked well or not and whether you have any further suggestions for improvement

If you answered NO, please state any problems or suggestions to encourage patients to use the online service

Online Prescriptions

We have an established electronic prescribing arrangement with local pharmacies. Patients can also re-order repeat prescriptions online by registering on our website. This reduces the need for patients to telephone the surgery.

Are you aware of the online repeat prescription request service?


Do you use the online repeat prescription service?


Wasted appointments

Another concern raised by patients attending the July 2013 meeting was the number of booked appointments people didnt attend and thus wasted.We are looking at using a mobile phone text service to remind patients about their appointments.

Do you have a mobile phone you would be happy to receive text reminders for appointments?


Results chart

Do you have any further suggestions or comments on how we might reduce wasted appointments?

Developing patient services after the merger

We hope the merger will complete by April 2014 and hope to hold a further meeting regarding its progress and receive patient input on service development.

Please indicate which possible new services would be of interest to you:

(GP appointments already available late evenings weekdays & Saturday mornings)


Thank you for your time spent completing this questionnaire