Repeat Medication 2013-2014

Do you understand how to order your repeat medication?


How easy was it to order/request your most recent repeat prescription?


For those patients on repeat prescriptions, which method do you use?


Do you find your chosen method to access repeat prescriptions easy and convenient?


Do you find the 48 hour turn around time (the time from requesting a prescription to it being issued) acceptable?


What do you think is reasonable time from ordering your prescription to collecting at the surgery?


Thinkin back over the last 6-12 months, have you had any problems with your repeat prescription?


Do you collect all your regular medication at the same time?


What part of repeat medication do you feel works well for you?

If there has been a problem with your repeat medication have you been able to identify who is responsible?


How do you feel we could improve the repeat prescribing process/service?