Patient Participation Group - Survey

Did you already know that the practice has a Patient Participation Group?


Do you know why it has been formed and what they do?


Would you like to become involved with the group?


If yes, please give your name and telephone number/email and we will contact you.

The PPG produces a newsletter called Heartbeat. Have you seen it?


Did you find it informative?


Can you suggest ways it might be improved?

The PPG organises open meetings twice yearly to extend awareness on medical matters. Were you aware of these?


If not, can you suggest other ways of advertising them?

To date the subjects covered in the open meetings have been Diabetes, Stroke and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Can you suggest any other subjects that would be useful to cover?

We conduct these surveys annually. Is there an area/subject within the practice you would like us to gather opinion on with a long term view of improving services?