Sandhurst/Owlsmoor Practice Focus Group Survey Sept 2013

Sandhurst/Owlsmoor Practice Focus Group.

We present your opinions about arrangements for your medical care to our doctors when we meet them every 2 months. They have asked for feed-back about both the Telephone and the Appointments systems which have been changed this year; also about our "Out of Hours" care when the Surgeries are closed, and our use of Frimley Park A&E department.

TELEPHONE SYSTEM. The Surgeries changed to a new telephone system in March and the doctors want to know how well the patients think it is working.

Q1. Have you called the Surgery using the new phone number?


Q1a. If ‘Yes’, was the number engaged when you last called?


Q1b. If ‘Yes’, did you have to call again?


Q1c. Having reached the recorded message, was the delay before talking to Reception?


Q1d. If ‘Poor’, at what time of day were you calling?


APPOINTMENTS. Changes have been made to the appointments arrangements, with the introduction of a variety of appointment types.

Q2. Have you used the Duty Doctor Call Back arrangement?


Q2a. If ‘Yes’, how do you rate it?


Q2b. If ‘No’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’, please say why

Q3. Have you used the Surgery Urgent Appointment system?


Q3a. If ‘Yes’, how do you rate it?


Q3b. If ‘No’ or Unsatisfactory, please say why.

Q4 Have these changes improved the appointment system?


Q4a. If ‘Yes’, was this….


Q4b. If ‘No’, please say why

AUTOMATIC CHECKING IN. A new system is available to allow patients to check in for their appointments without reporting to the Reception desk, to ease queuing times.

Q5 Are you aware of this system?


Q6 Do you use the automatic checking in system?


Q6a. If ‘No’, please say why

ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY VISITS. Patients sometimes visit Frimley A&E department when they feel ill, for which the General Practice Funds are charged a fee.

Q7 Are you aware of the GP Out of Hours Service?


Q8 If you have used A&E rather than the GP or the Out of Hours Service within the last 12 months, please give a reason.

FINALLY some questions about you so we can make sure we ask the opinions of a fair sample of our patients:

Q9a Which surgery are you registered with?


Q9b Are you Male or Female?


Q9c How old are you?


THANK YOU for completing the Survey.

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