We have recently published the results of the annual practice survey. They are available to view on the website and there is a hard copy at the surgery. The overall results have been very positive and we are very happy and proud of the lovely comments made.

We have discussed the points raised, and would like to propose the following Action Plan.

1. Shorter wait for appts with Dr Hobday

2. Improve parking facilities

3. Regular newsletter

4. Change magazines every few days

5. Instigate an in-house Patient Participation Group with regular meetings to replace the e-group.

6. Visual call system

7. Appointment bookings three months in advance

8. Online appointment booking

9. Shorter waiting times

Please can you indicate which of these is the most important to you and which is the least important. This will help us to prioritise these issues.

If you agree with the Action Plan please indicate


Results chart

Are there any parts which you disagree


Results chart

Any further comments

Many thanks once again for your help.