Shawbirch Medical Centre Patient Survey 2018

As you probably know, Shawbirch Medical Practice is planning to move to a new purpose-built centre in the next couple of years. There is obviously a limited amount of funding available for this, so only some features can be afforded. The Practice needs your views to help the architects to choose what to include.

Section A. In terms of where the new surgery should be, please choose the three most important from the list below:


2. There are other important factors [please detail]

Section B. How important is it for the new building to have the following features? Please choose the three most important from the list below:


4. Other important features [please detail]

Section C. How important is it for the following services to be provided at the new surgery? Please choose the three most important from the list below:


6. Other services that it is important should be provided [please detail]

Section D. If the reception area were to be decorated with a local feature, what would you choose?


8. Other idea [please detail]

Section E. If an area can be retained for the future expansion of the building, how should it be used?


10. Your own idea [please detail]


Section F. The NHS wants to encourage patients to seek advice or treatment from places other than GP surgeries for minor problems. How do you feel about using the following services instead of going to the surgery?

11. Local pharmacist/chemist


12. NHS 111 advice phone number


13. NHS Choices website, health A-Z


14. website


15. Mental health direct access advice lines


16. Shawbirch Medical Centre Directory of Voluntary Services, available in the waiting room


17. Your own suggestion [please detail]

Section G. Similarly, how do you feel about using one or more of the services listed in section F for the following problems instead of going to the surgery?

18. Skin rash / fungal infections


19. Sore throat/coughs and colds/flu like symptoms/nasal congestion


20. Sprains and strains


21. Earache


22. Sickness/diarrhoea


23. Bites and stings


24. Conjunctivitis


25. Hay fever


26. Infant colic / teething / nappy rash


27. Cystitis / Vaginal thrush


28. Threadworms


29. Headlice


Section H. Some questions about you:

30. Gender?


31 Age?


32 Postcode? [optional]