GFMC Patient Survey 2017/2018

We would be grateful if you would complete this survey about your last visit and our overall service.
We want to provide the highest standard of care and views help us to identify areas that may need improvement. Your opinions are therefore very valuable.
There are no right or wrong answers and your doctor will NOT be able to identify your individual responses.
This survey is completely confidential and you do not have to give your name unless you would like feedback
from the surgery.


How effective is our service is in meeting your needs?

Please rate your satisfaction with...

The ability to get an appointment when you need it?


The ability to speak to the GP.


The ability to speak to the Triage Nurse.


The opening hours of the practice.


Drop-In Clinic

Would you like more information about the Drop-In Clinic?


Extra Services

Have you ever used the 24hour Automated Telephone system to book, cancel or change an appointment?


Are you satisfied with the 24hour automated system?


Have you used the Online System to book appointments or order repeat medication?


Are you satisfied with the online system?


Any comments?


This section is about how well the reception team deals with you on the telephone and in person at the practice.

Please rate your satisfaction with...

The outcome to your most recent telephone call?


The service you last received at the reception desk?


How polite, friendly and courteous was the receptionist?


Are your calls answered in good time?


Communication - Practice Team

This section is about how well we keep you informed.

Please rate your satisfaction with...

The information on our noticeboards.


The information on the practice website.


The information on Facebook.


The information you receive in the post.


Practice and Premises

This section is about the practice premises and overall service received.

Please rate your satisfaction with...

Overall satisfaction with the cleanliness of the building.


Overall satisfaction with the service we offer.


Overall satisfaction with the doctors.


Overall satisfaction with the nurses and healthcare assistants.


Overall satisfaction with the practice team as a whole.


Your Most Recent Appointment

Please rate your satisfaction with...

The doctors/nurses ability to listen to you.


The doctors/nurses understanding of your problem.


The opportunity to ask the nurse/doctor questions.


The way your doctor/nurse explained things to you.


The time you waited in the waiting room.


Emailing and Texting

Would you like to receive more information by:


Any other comments..