Silverdale Patient Survey 2017/18

Please note this is a completely anonymous survey. We do not ask for any personally identifiable details as we are interested in gaining an overview of how our patients feel about the Practice and the Services we offer.

We would like you to think about your recent experiences of our service.

How welcoming are the staff at the practice?


How acceptable do you feel the waiting times are once you have arrived for your appointment?


In your opinion how easy is it to get through to someone at the Practice on the phone?


How confident do you feel about being able to get an appointment at a time and on a day which suits you?


Based on your experience of seeing a GP or Nurse at the practice, how good were they at each of the following?

Giving you enough time?


Listening to you?


Explaining any tests and treatments?


Involving you in decisions about your care?


Treating you with care and concern?


Thinking about the care you get from your doctors and nurses, how good is the practice at helping you to:

Understand your health problems?


Cope with your health problems?


Keep yourself healthy?


Thinking about our two surgeries:

What do you think about the accessibility of our Silverdale surgery?


Please add any comments you wish to make about the Silverdale surgery?

What do you think about the accessibility of our Avenue surgery?


Please add any comments you wish to make about the Avenue surgery?

We know that getting through on the phone can sometimes be difficult. The practice has recently added a call queuing system and increased the number of telephone lines and staff answering the phones in order to improve telephone access to the surgery. What difference has this made?

Please tick which sentence is most applicable.


Did you Know

Are you aware that you can book GP appointments online?


If you would like access to our online appointment booking system please ask at reception.

Are you aware we now offer text reminders of appointments?


If you would like to get text reminders please check we have your correct mobile phone number.

Are you aware that the practice has a patient participation group which helps the practice improve the services we offer?


If you would like to join the patient group please ask for a form at reception or use the online application.

Are you aware that the practice offers appointments on a Saturday morning and Monday evenings?


Thinking about the Practice in general:

Overall, how would you describe your experience of our GP surgery?


If there is anything you could change about the practice or the service you receive what would it be?

It will help us to understand your answers if you could tell us a little about yourself:

Do you have a visual impairment that impacts your day to day life? (ie Blindness or severe sight loss)


Do you have a hearing impairment that impacts your day to day life? (ie Deafness or severe loss of hearing)


Do you have a physical impairment that impacts your day to day life? (ie In a wheelchair, use a frame or on crutches)


Are you?


How old are you?


How would you best describe your ethnic background?


How would you describe how often you come to the practice?


Please add any comments about the staff, practice or services we offer...