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Hilltops PPG Patient Questionnaire 2016



Age Group:


How often do you visit the surgery?


Is the surgery currently open at times convenient to you?


How do you rate the experience of making an appointment?


Were you able to obtain an appointment within a reasonable time period?


How helpful do you find the reception team? Please answer 1 - 5 where one is least helpful and 5 is entirely helpful


Do you use the surgery website?


If yes to the above question, do you have any suggestions on further information you would like to see available?

Do you think you have enough information regarding your health care provision?


If more information was available, how would you like to receive it? Website, Newsletter or other means of communication?

What are the things you like about the surgery and what areas would you like to see improve?

When speaking to GP's, Nurses and other Health Care Professionals, do you feel you are listened to and had sufficient time?


Have you heard of online booking?


If YES - have you used it? If NO - would you be interested in trying to book your appointment online?

Are you aware of the Patient Participation Group?


If YES, what are your views regarding this group?

Any other comments:

This survey is now closed