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When appointments are in short supply and you request 'urgent' or 'soon' appointments the surgery uses a "triage" system to help make decisions about the care you need.

Triage is a means of sorting patients according to their medical needs and treating the most urgent first.

To do this a doctor or nurse will telephone you back and ask you questions about your symptoms before deciding what action to take.

We would like to find out what you think of this process so would be pleased if you would complete our short questionnaire.

1. After reading the introduction to this questionnaire do you understand what Triage is?


2. If you could not get an appointment would you be happy for a doctor or nurse to telephone you back to discuss your medical concerns?


3. If on the other hand, you have experienced this process at this Surgery, how would you rate the service you received on the scale below?


4. If you have been attending the Medical Centre for a year or more please answer this additional question: Comparing the last twelve months with the previous twelve months do you believe that overall there have been improvements in any of the services provided by the Doctors, Nurses and Admin Staff?


Please indicate below those areas where you believe improvements have been made

5. Are you male or female?


6. How old are you?


7. What is your ethnic group?


This short survey is being carried out by the Patient Representative Group on behalf of the Lombard Medical Centre. For more information about our role within the surgery, please see details on the main Notice Board in the waiting room.


This survey is now closed