Bere Regis Patient Survey 2014

The Practice continually reviews service provision and currently offers:1. Pre-booked appointments.2. Open Surgery on Wednesday mornings for a problem that cannot wait.3. Telephone Triage for access to a GP on the day (except Wednesdays) for patients with an urgent problem.4. Telephone Consultations for patients who need to discuss their care with a GP.5. Extended Hours appointments on a Monday, Thursday and Friday for patients unable to attend in normal working hours. Are you satisfied with this range of appointments.


A new Treatment Room has been added, the existing one has been refurbished and there may well be other changes in due course. Are you satisfied with the current use of premises.


From April 2014 it is anticipated that the existing email system for ordering prescriptions will be replaced by a new one which enables patients to order prescriptions via the Surgery Website using a secure log in with a personal pin number. Will you use online prescription ordering


The Practice is considering offering text reminders to patients for pre-booked appointments. Will you use text reminders and appointment prompts?


The Practice may offer on-line appointment booking in the future. Will you use online appointment booking?


The PPG aims to represent all patients and works in partnership with the Practice to achieve mutually beneficial improves. "Education" of what is available to patients is a key component of this process and, towards this end, a health event: 'Towards a Healthy Life' will be held on Saturday 8 March 2014 at the Drax Hall starting at 10.00am. The aim is to cover all aspects of a healthy life. Does this event interest you?


What other suggestions do you have for action by the PPG?

If you are interested in joining the PPG please contact Keith Norris (07825 264344 or keith.norris@helpandcare.org.uk). Alternatively you can leave your contact details at the Surgery in an envelope marked for his attention.

Finally: Are there any further general or specific comments you would like to make regarding communication between patient and hospital and the surgery.

If would help us if you would tell us something about who completed this form. Please tell us your age and ethnicity.